Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Do you realise that by calling me
spineless-bitch, you're calling yourself stupid?
gold-digger, you're calling yourself lame?
slut, you're calling yourself nothing-but-a-fuck?

Do you really not realise that all this calling-names game is hurting you and not me? I can barely hear what you're saying while you throw your open wounds to me like dards. How feeble! Come, let me show you a real offensive attack. I could say:

"yes, I used you, I raped your mind and spit on your love. I took your money like the money-whore I am and left you with all your hopes and dreams shattered. Yes, I knew you were hurt, you were limping and took advantage of it. You are worthless and I'm living proof of it."

Amazed? Wait, crying? This is to offend someone, you don't do it with little dirty words, o-m-g, you take their sadness and shove it down their throats!

If I stay on the line it is only to give you the satisfaction of abusing me. I know better, you're slapping yourself with your pain, replaying hurtful scenes to condem me. And I pity you. I am sorry, I actually like you, friendly and stuff but I shall not take shit from you or anyone.

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